Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'll be performing at the Ambient Ping in Toronto on Tuesday October 4rd. It will be me, my laptop and my keyboard. I'm aiming to have my CD all ready to sell at the show. On first will be Building Castles out of Matchsticks who I really like. I'll be on second, sometime after 10pm.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bro in the Contact Field

Very happy to announce that Bro has joined in with the EVP recordings. He did some recording with his computer on Monday and got voices right away. He did it once a few months ago and got results so it wasn't a huge surprise. What was quite astonishing however, is that I did some recording the same night, and had Bro's name come up in the recording. What I heard was a guy that sounded like Ted Danson saying "Bro? Oh ya? Alright Bro! Wow." This was on my recording. It was a pretty clear voice although not as loud as some. Bro got a recording that says "Congratulations - Timestream". It is a very quick voice and I find it a bit difficult to make out but it does seems to be saying that. Bro is better at hearing the fast voices because he often hears spirits talking that way. Not a skill we all have on our resume! It was a big night. I will post the clips when I get a sec. We expect that doing the recordings as a team will improve the contact field, as it is called.

Monday, August 15, 2005


"Turn up the signal, wipe out the noise." - Peter Gabriel

I've discovered noise reduction software. It has the specific purpose of eliminating noise and preserving the signal in audio. It does no less than open up the world of EVP by making the voices audible to anyone. You won't always be able to hear what they're saying, but you'll hear them saying something. 10 years ago, this would have required a dedicated computer system costing thousands, and you would have to wait for the machine to complete each transformation. Before that, I don't even know if it was done at all. Now, I can do it in real-time, changing the settings as I listen, and I can get a proper signal in seconds. I don't know to what degree other EVP researchers are using noise reduction software. The time is now!

"Let's talk John"
"Agent, you agent"
The 50's Guys

Monday, August 01, 2005

Larger Than a Whale

I believe that I have been contacting relatives of people close to me. I also believe I have contacted a boy that died recently and whom I learned about through the news. None of the contacts are indisputable and certain. However, for example, I did ask for this boy by name and I received a faint reply: "I hear you calling my name." Also - "Help me smile again" and, when asked if he has a message for his family - "I miss you". What do I do with this? The boy's parents probably wouldn't be able to hear them. Perhaps I can get something of better quality. Will be discussing more with Bro.

In other news, I guess you never know what might lurk in the water.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I met with Bro and Anita last night. We went for a beverage at the Only Cafe. I'm very happy that I finally met them.

I put up a webpage for Bro. It will grow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lake Monster

My family has a cottage on a lake in Ontario. My dad's side of the family has been on this lake for a long time; I'm the fifth generation. We have a cottage on an island four acres in size. It takes about 10 minutes to walk around it on the path. A few years ago Dad and I had a strange experience up there.

One night we're watching "Dr. Strangelove" on video. By the end of the movie my dad and I are the only ones that haven't gone to bed. We start to pack it in for the night. I'm turning the lights out and my dad is out on the deck. The cottage is a short walk uphill from the lake and the deck overlooks the lake. I hear my dad say something about hearing something unusual on the lake and wondering if it's a bunch of ducks or geese flying along the water. I come out onto the deck. Whatever it was has continued around the island and can't be heard any more.

Momentarily we start to hear the sound come around the island again. It sounds like someone kicking their feet in the water but much louder and it's very regular. It's going fast. We look and see what appears to be a wake go through the water. Comparible in size to the wake of our outboard boat. We can't see a boat or anything above the water. It goes by around the island.

I run down to the dock. I grab the spotlight in the boat. Dad follows me down and goes out onto the floating dock that protrudes out into the water. We hear it coming around again. Splasha splasha splasha splasha. It is maybe 20 feet from shore. I shine the spotlight at the sound and follow it. I see a wake and nothing else. It is going by fast. It goes by close to where Dad is standing. He sees the same.

It continues on away from us and at around 150 feet slows down. What appears to be a head emerges from the water. It is dark and we can't see it well. It seems to be an animal head. Dad thinks he may have seen some red on it. I can only compare it to when I have seen an otter swimming in the lake; but this was bigger, and clearly was not an otter judging from it's size and swimming abilities. It swam around in a circle and then continued off in a straight line away out of sight.

It was not a fish or duck or otter. It swam under the water and did laps around the island. It went several times faster than a person could swim, even a person wearing flippers. It had a substantial wake meaning it was large and right under the surface. While there was kicking sound, we couldn't see anything coming above the water. The regularity of the sound suggested a machine, but the appearance of the head suggested an animal. We have been on the lake for generations and have lots of relatives around. We have never heard of any sort of Ogopogo or Lochness Monster legend.

We have not seen anything of it since. We have mentioned it to some people on the lake and no one has seen anything similar. It remains totally unexplained and without a local comparison. I did see some video footage since then from Lochness where there was just a wake going around in the water and it seemed to be of comparible size to this one. When I think of the way it started right as we were coming out of the cabin, did laps around the island, and surfaced when it was still in view but not close enough to be seen clearly, I think it was trying to get our attention.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Last night I tried a recording using my new shortwave radio. I tuned it to static and placed it near the mic. Experienced ITC researchers use shortwave from what I gather. The radio has a speical shortwave antenna that clips onto the regular FM antenna. It's a cord that when unravelled is 7 metres long. I had it going all around my kitchen. During the recording I asked some questions about whether I should use the antenna. On playback, a short vocal sound appeared during a pause in my question. This sound is significant because of where it appeared, and because it is much louder and clearer than the other sounds which have to be "excavated" from the white noise. This sound is as loud as my own voice. I monitored the recording with my headphones at a loud volume, and I didn't hear this during recording, only playback. It's very unlikely that I would have missed a sound that prominent during recording. It seems that they like the antenna. This is a big step forward.

Antenna question with sound
Closeup of sound with more filtering - female "uh huh" twice in the background

Update: The sound occurs between "can you ummm..." and "get your signal in easier". It's deep and a bit frog-like.