Monday, May 30, 2005

Bricks and Glaciers

Chimi reports from the field:

"i was doing volunteer work for Evergreen on Saturday. there was a public open house at the Brickworks. i was there helping to get people on to the tours of the brick factory and managing safety. all day i stood out front of the big mural on the outside face of the building. people were asking me about the mural, if i knew who the artist was and what the story was behind the mural. they also remarked on how pristine it looked (no graffiti). i said i didn't know who the artist was but that i was equally impressed that it hadn't been defaced with graffiti.

on my way home from the Brickworks I bumped into my neighbours who live on Spadina, Sady and Carla. i met them last year when i volunteered for David Miller's clean up the city day. they noticed my Evergreen t-shirt and i told them about my day of volunteer work at the Brickworks. then Carla says that Sady painted the mural there. back in 1994 he had won the City's contest for artists to design a mural. he then told me the whole story behind the mural, that each element tells the story of mother nature, from the time that the glaciers moved out of the Don Valley until now."


Blogger JT said...

Also turns out the volunteer coordinator had been unsuccessfully trying to find the mural artist so Chimi put them in touch.

2:07 PM  
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