Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Narcissistic Popstrology Carpenters

Synchronicity or plain ol' premonition? Do I have to start another blog for premonitions? Sheesh.

Lying in bed on a Sunday morning. For some reason, thinking about songs that are popular when you are a baby and if it affects you and your outlook on life. I reflect on how I was a child during the early seventies and how now it seems like such a rare golden time, with groups like Jackson Five on the radio. I think of how I was born in 1971 and how I have memories of the Carpenters and songs like "Close to You". My wife loves the Carpenters and sang that song to me at a karoake bar one time. I get up and pick up the Toronto Star at the door. I sit down and pull out the Ideas section which is my favourite Sunday morning read. The first article I start to read goes as follows:
"Born under a bad song
In Popstrology, we can't all be Rolling Stones
[what does this line mean? -JT]


Ever wonder about the source of your debilitating narcissism?

Could it be that you were born in 1970? At a time when the Carpenters were No. 1 with a song called "Close To You"? (Sample lyric: "On the day that you were born, the angels got together, and decided to create a dream come true.")

Any bells ringing here?

The Billboard pop chart, that great clarion of an era's psychic influences, is so obviously destiny. It will mark your life. Or not, depending.

This was the clear message that crept into the brain of Ian Van Tuyl, founder of "popstrology," which he describes in his recent book of the same name as "a powerful and flexible science"...

Stay tuned for...A Green Piece of Shingle


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