Saturday, May 14, 2005

Peep and the Big Wide World

This happened a few days ago. My friend Cristina is pregnant and due any day. I'm working on contract at a web company right now. I go out and pick up some lunch. I come back and notice that the TV in the kitchen is on. I thought, why not sit by the TV and eat my lunch, which I have not done before in my couple months at this job. I take my food over and watch the news channel which is already on. I notice the remote nearby and start to flick channels. I come upon a cartoon that I have seen once before called "Peep and the Big Wide World". I like this show. The purple character is onscreen. I think "oh that's the guy that Cristina uses as her MSN pic". After the purple guy it shows the main character Peep, who is a chick. Peep is hatching out of an egg. I think "this means Cristina has had her baby". I return to my desk and see that Kerry, Cristina's good friend, has changed her MSN name to "Cristina had a baby girl!!". She had given birth to her baby girl the day before after 15 hours of labour and a c-section. Congrats to Cristina and Jason! Also congrats to Ala and Celine who just gave birth to Mathew.


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