Thursday, May 12, 2005

Roll the Shouldice

The Shingle post is taking a while to write up because it's got many elements to it, across different people and periods of time. Also means it will be a very good one. So I'll put that one up whenever it's done. I also have several others in the queue as they are coming faster than I'm able to post them. So I'm going to have to get into the habit of posting frequently and efficiently.

I am about to go for hernia surgery. I've had a hernia for a few years. It doesn't really bug me a lot. What bugs me a little more is that I will have to shave my area beforehand. The hernia, which is a gap or tear in my muscle tissue through which my intestines bulge, resides in the upper right of my groin. I will get my hernia fixed at the Shouldice Hospital which resides in the upper right of Toronto. The Shouldice hospital fixes only hernias and does done this 300,000 times. They're the MacDonald's of hernias. I'll be admitted on Sunday and fixed on Monday. Using the Shouldice method, they will overlap the gapped muscle tissue and sew it up. (How did Shouldice come up with that one?)

While biking to work today I see a guy wearing a Shouldice Hospital T-shirt. I suppose people could be wearing them all the time and i'm only noticing it now because i'm about to go this same hospital, but that seems unlikely, and I'm generally not seeing T-shirts for hospitals. Actually, make that none, I don't think I have ever seen a hospital T-shirt. Best part about it is that he was younger than me, so it's not just old construction workers that get hernias. Having said that, my friend Ala had a hernia when he was 7 years old. Having said that, Ala and his wife Celine are about to have a baby.

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