Friday, May 27, 2005


Today I go for lunch with Chimi. Neither of us have a watch. Ends up 2.5 hours. Get back to work. Sit down. Kelly comes around and says "All hands meeting. Contractors too." I have avoided these until now. Everyone gathers in the kitchen. The meeting is relatively comfortable and jocular. I realize am getting to know the people there a bit, having been there for a couple months now. Director of Operations talks for a while about the latest happenings. Hands it over to the head sales guy. He talks about the new business they have been bringing in. He says we are going to be doing a site that is going to be along the lines of, the well known image hosting site. As he says the word "Flickr", the lights flicker off and on and the power goes out.

All express joy at this development, as it is near the end of the day Friday. I look across the street and next door; the lights are on. The streetcars are running. While walking home, several intersections have no traffic lights. A loud clap of thunder dominates the air.


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