Thursday, June 23, 2005

New Name

I have renamed the blog. Same address.

Crop Circles

We've got a good crop of circles this year. Check out that third one that looks like the CBC logo. Who does them? Not the CBC methinks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Chimi's getting a lot of coincidences, mainly involving personal networking. She is really coming though as a connection point for people. Of course she is much more than that but she does perform that role a lot. Also, I was on the phone with her today and she mentioned her husband's cousin. The same instant she said "cousin", this same husband's cousin popped up on her MSN saying hi. These MSNchronicities are very very accurate. They happen right when you say the person's name. And as I wrote in yesterday's post, Enzo and Ms. Marplot messaged me both at the same instant, about cats. Keep your eye out.

Also, I've been doing some EVP recordings and I might have results and I might not. I wonder, with my musical ear and my work with audio samples, if I could hear anything in white noise.


Yesterday Enzo and Ms. Marplot IM'ed me at precisely the same second. They sit near each other at their job but had not discussed these subjects with each other prior to messaging me.

Enzo sent me a link to a story about lions saving a kidnapped girl:

"Police say three lions rescued a 12-year-old girl kidnapped by men who wanted to force her into marriage, chasing off her abductors and guarding her until police and relatives tracked her down in a remote corner of Ethiopia.

'They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.'"

Ms. Marplot told me that she had read my blog post about Bro feeling like a cat was running across his chest before having his out-of-body experience. She told me that she and her husband had lived in a haunted apartment, and one time her husband had experienced the sensation a cat running across his chest. I said that I had heard stories of people's deceased cats acting as guides for them after death. She said sometimes her cat stares at her for a long time in a way that seems very aware and intelligent.

Writing this now, I remember my mom saying how one day she was gardening and our cat Leo, before walking away, turned and gave her and long look that she found puzzling and significant. We found Leo the next day; he had died.

Enzo then messaged me again, saying that he had had a dream the night before about his cat speaking to him telepathically.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Great Deal

A couple days after Bro first got in touch with me, we were chatting on MSN while I was at work (something I do a lot). He sent me a link to From the website:

"Instrumental Tanscommunication (ITC) means that the messages coming from beyond will be received and/or stored by use of technical means.

ITC is the use of tape recorder, TVs, radios, computers, telephones, and other technical devices with the intent to get meaningful information from beyond in such forms as voices, images, and text.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experimenting produced the first ITC contacts using a tape recorder and a simple microphone. Later on there occurred ITC contacts via telephone, computer, fax, special devices and so on.

The big advantage of ITC is the possibility to prove to others that something uncommon takes place. Not only the receiver of the messages, for example the medium, but also others could become a witness of these contacts. Almost everybody who is really interested in that phenomenon can get and with persistence will get EVP."

More on this subject in the next post.

Bro told me that somewhere on the site was a recording of Gandhi's voice from beyond the grave. We looked around but couldn't find it. Later in the conversation he gave me a Gandhi quote:

"Throughout the history of mankind there have been murderers and tyrants; and while it may seem momentarily that they have the upper hand, they have always fallen. Always."

It was the end of the day at this point and I told Bro I'd talk to him later. I closed up and walked to the subway. I sat down and instead of reading I decided to just look around. Up and to my right there was an ad Budget car rental that read: "The great deal is in our number." Underneath this there was a phone number in large characters. The last two numbers were 22 and were separated off from the rest of the number and lined up underneath "number". I thought "Hmm that could be another one of those 22 things that brought me in touch with Bro and Anita."

I looked at the ad to the left of that one, which was directly in front of me. It was an ad for some sort of Islamic organization. It featured a quote:

"I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and his own mission. These, and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every trouble."

The quote was attributed to "Gandhi, 1922".

Friday, June 17, 2005

You Must Be This Tall To Get On This Ride

You might have noticed that this blog is changing. I'm not just recording interesting and funny coincidences; I'm getting into even more unusual stuff. All I can say is that this is where it has led me and I'm going to keep going. I hope you find it interesting and challenging. If you think I'm going off the deep end, well...I am. But not the crazy nutso deep end. And if any family members are reading, please be assured I'll try to stay employed and washed.

Bro had an out-of-body experience today. I had an in-body experience today; it lasted all day.

His intention was to sit and meditate for a few minutes. He closed his eyes and before long he had the feeling of cat walking across his chest. He then found himself in a very cutely decorated house where he was greeted by Baby Shambala. Shambala appeared to be a baby but spoke like an adult. He kept calling her Angela for some reason, which Shambala found amusing. He was told and shown some important information. Towards the end he was shown a vision of himself in an amusement park with Anita. Like me, Bro has been recording his experiences in a blog. Read this story in Bro's blog.

As is read about this in his blog and we chatted about it over MSN, I was of course amazed. It was not a foggy dream experience, but something that he described as more real and clear than day to day reality. However I was struck in another way that made the whole thing even stranger, unlikely as that seems.

As I read about his experience, bells started to go off. First, I remembered last night watching TV, with it muted during the commercials. There was a commercial on for Wendy's, I think it was, and it showed a baby sitting on a bench, speaking to the camera in adult English. I was transfixed and stared at the baby. I felt a certain "density" watching it, that's the best way to describe it.

The next bell went off as I remembered thinking of a friend I hadn't seen in years who's name is Angela. I had been thinking about her this morning, before chatting with Bro. She just popped into my head; I don't think about her often.

Then, I remembered I had been chatting with Enzo that morning as well. He mentioned that the guy who did the movie Supersize Me had a TV show starting soon. He was going to doing something for 30 days and it would become a one hour episode. For example, he was going to live on minimum wage for 30 days. Completely spontaneously, and even wondering why I was saying it, I suggested that he could go to an amusement park every day for 30 days. I distinctly remember looking at my comment afterwards and wondering exactly why I had said it.

So these three things, that all occurred within 12 hours before hearing Bro's story, add an additional layer of strangeness. I have noticed many times now that I will get a bit of interesting information on the web or TV, and the same or next day Bro will tell me the same bit of information. This is a new experience for me and seems to indicate some sort of link. Unless I was just finding order in something that was actually random, I was somehow connected to Bro's out-of-body visions, before they happened.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Agency

Hang on to that open mind thing.

I will henceforth refer to him as Bro, as that is how he spells it most of the time. In August 2004, Bro started something called A.R.C. - Afterlife Research Centre, or as Bro calls it, "the agency". ARC is an extension of his psychic reading operation. His workplace is a loft space; one half is used for readings, the other half is the ARC space. He met Anita not long after he started ARC, when he gave her a reading. They became fast friends and Anita is Bro's associate in ARC. She has abilities of her own.

From what I understand so far, the agency's main purpose is to develop our bridge with the afterlife. In this extent it is open-ended. While Bro has a direct internal connection to spirit voices, they also work on developing connections to voices using physical devices. For example, they are planning to build their own version of an already developed device known as Spiricom. The greater purpose of this is to benefit life on Earth. This is my understanding so far, I'll learn more as I go.

Bro and Anita were told that others would be brought to their agency through coincidences. The three of us agree that I was brought to them in this way. We will see what my role in this is, if indeed I have a role. As for me, I'm up for it, start it up. I haven't met with them yet in person yet, but we hope to do so in the next week or two.

This morning while standing in the shower I thought about Bro and Anita and their acitivities. I wondered what my role might be in the whole thing. Precisely while thinking these things, I looked directly up for no apparent reason. On my shower fan was a logo which was a house, and inside the house it said BROAN.

BROAN - Bro, Anita, I thought.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Friday, June 10, 2005

Onward: The Point of the 2's

Things seem to have turned a corner.

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you will recall that I have been getting a lot of coincidences involving the number 22. While the other coincidences have been one-off's, this one has been persistent. To review these, you can go back to the May archives and read anthying with 2 or Two in the title and then continue into June. You'll note that I was perplexed as to the purpose of it, speculating at one point that it might mean I that the doctors would find a second hernia during my operation. They didn't.

A couple weeks ago, Chimi told me over lunch about Brough the psychic (pronounced Bro). She knew about him because Nerve the CBC show did a special on Brough, and Natasha has been doing work on the Nerve show for a while. Brough has also done a special on MuchMusic which has been aired several times and gets a lot of viewers each time. Chimi said that she had taken someone to see Brough and his reading contained several accurate details that convinced her he was the real thing. She told me she would be seeing him for a reading herself.

This is where we turn the corner and you need to keep an open mind.

Chimi went to see Brough on Monday. Shortly into the reading, Brough said that Chimi's grandfather, who died years ago, was trying to communicate the number 22 to her, right then and there. Chimi told Brough that her friend JT had been experiencing coincidences involving the number 22 for a while now. Brough had not previously read my blog or met me.

Brough and his associate Anita have been getting synchronicities involving 22 and 222 since January.

Brough is psychic. He communicates with the other side. Although I haven't had a reading from him myself, I believe this is true. I believe we all have psychic powers, but we need to make the effort to develop them in order to use them. I think Brough didn't have that choice.

Brough communicates with the other side in different ways. He gets messages directly into his mind. He has sessions where voices materialize in the air. He has had images spontaneously appear on camera film.

Brough was expecting me.

Monday, June 06, 2005


The internet and instant messaging in particular play a big part in a lot of the synchronicities I record in this blog. A friend once said that IMing is the closest thing to telepathy. Direct transmission of thoughts across space. Your list of contacts is your telepathic network. If you read through some previous posts you'll see that the more complex synchronicities have involved me and my field reporters using instant messaging to cross-reference and discover connections. Except Mom who sticks to email.

Even beyond the cross-referencing aspect, I have had a couple moments of what seemed like real telepathy or coincidence occuring. I was IMing with Andrew who asked me if knew a particular programming language called ActionScript. I know a bit. I thought of Ari who Andrew and I used to work with and is an expert in ActionScript. I said to Andrew "I know a bit, but I'm no Ari." Precisely as I typed "Ari", a new window popped up saying "How's it going?" It was Ari. I hadn't talked to him in maybe half a year.

Another time was after I had rented The Incredibles on DVD. I noticed that Frozone looked like a guy I used to work with called Charles. The next day I messaged Enzo and made that observation, as he still works with Charles. Enzo thought that his friend Mike and I were playing tricks on him, because he had just messaged the same observation about ten seconds before to Mike.

Let's coin a term for it...MSNchronicity. Keep your eye out for it!

Friday, June 03, 2005


A mystery of my life. The song "Blinded by the Light" by Manfred Mann. My sister and I have always been freaked out by it. I find it very haunting to listen to. As if it is haunting me in some way, but not in a way that makes me particularly scared, in fact I like it and I want to go further. It seems to hint at something in the past but it doesn't feel like it's a traumatic memory, just something I can't remember. My sister will not even listen to the song. She will turn it off or leave the room. Once my friend Dan, out of the blue, said "Hey JT, do you know that song Blinded by the Light?" I said yes, I sure do. "Why do you ask?" He said "I just received a psychic message to ask you that." Oh.

I associate with it a particular house that we lived in from when I was six to about ten years old. I strongly associate it with the time we were living there. The only other clue we have is that my sister and I both have a memory of a car at the side of a road at night. I picture a road, not in a city, somewhere further out.

A year or so later while unemployed, I decided to download the song. I listened to it on headphones and as it played I began to develop a strong headache. But it wasn't so bad that I couldn't continue to listen, and I played it two or three times. Other than the headache, there weren't any obvious reactions, or memories triggered. I looked up the lyrics on the web, since they are kind of difficult to understand.

Blinded by the light
Reved up like a deuce, another roller in the night
Blinded by the light
Reved up like a deuce, another roller in the night

Thursday, June 02, 2005

How Still We See Thee Lie

Yesterday on the way home I stop in at my neighbourhood book store, Books 'R' Gold. I like it because it's all new books at half price and they have a lot of good ones. I start at the science section as I usually do and spot a book called Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. I pick it up, for obvious reasons. I open it to a page at random. It is the first page of a chapter called "Small-World Networks". I read on a bit and it talks about the Six Degrees of Separation theory that says that everyone on the planet can be connected by six or less personal connections. As an example the author says that the president of the U.S. can be connected to an Inuit or some similarly remote person. I find this somewhat interesting and wonder how much it really holds up. 90% of the time? 100%?

I move on to a book on Atlantis briefly, then a bio of Frank Zappa which looks interesting. Before leaving I notice a book entitled Jesus in Egypt : Discovering the Secrets of Christ's Childhood Years. I am very interested and I think of how Plato learned about Atlantis from Solon who learned about it from priests in Egypt. I wonder if Jesus picked up some arcane knowledge while he was there. I leaf through it for a minute and consider reading it sometime in the future. From the blurb on the book:

"The Bible indicates that shortly after Jesus' birth, King Herod, threatened by the adulation the baby was receiving, ordered the slaughter of male children under the age of two in and around Bethlehem. Warned of this in advance, Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with Jesus, returning to Palestine only after Herod's death. That's all most Westerners know about Jesus' early childhood, mainly because many Christians tend to reject extra-biblical stories about Jesus, and Westerners in general often deny stories of ancient events that cannot be verified by archeology or science."

Today, I am chatting on MSN with Shanghai. She tells me an unusual piece of news. Our mutual friend Enzo has a close friend called Rob. Rob's father and uncle are Palestinian. His father, Samir Batarseh, moved to Canada where Rob was born and his uncle, Victor Batarseh, stayed in Palestine and became a respected surgeon. Victor was just elected as Mayor of Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus. "I am sure we are going to serve this city, as Muslims and Christians," he said.

I chat with Enzo about this and he says "6 degrees of seperation".

I chat some more with Shanghai and mention the 6 degrees of seperation idea. She tells me that she is less than six degrees of separation from the Bush family, the one with two U.S. presidents:

"my first cousin, who i am related to by my mom and dad's side...her grandfather owned a restaurant in midland/odessa texas...where the bush family is from as well. when her grandfather died, george sr. sent a letter of condolence. apparently they used to eat at the restaurant and were friends."

This puts Shanghai two degrees away from the planet-killing, condolence-writing Bush family. And Enzo is 3 degrees from Jesus's cradle. And I'm one degree from them both. This seems like a good time to introduce the mp3 I posted to my website a couple days ago, and that I have been considering posting here. It is a presentation by Christian theologian David Ray Griffin sponsored by the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance (MUJCA) for 9/11 Truth. Please listen (right click and "save target as" to download, or left click to stream).

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

2 Much

Recap of the 2/22 synchronicities that began a couple weeks ago:
- Ms. Marplot asks me to babysit for Jacob Two-Two's 2 children
- Mom tells me of her Catch 22 sync which occured within a couple hours of the babysitting request
- At the hernia hospital I am given Room 228, Bed #2
- Last week, Ms. Marplot reads the blog post about these events and informs me that she is currently reading Catch 22 (she did not know about Mom's Catch 22 sync before reading the post)

Latest addition: I posted a link to the blog on The Daily Grail (TGD) yesterday. I've posted there a few times and I've got a bunch of hits from it but no emails or comments, until today. I get an email from Kat who got the link from TDG, saying she went to the blog and followed a link to eat-sleep, and some other stuff. I notice the spelling of her name and I recall that there is a contributor to TGD that goes by the alias Katch22. I ask her if she is this same person, and she tells me that she is. She had not read the posts about Catch 22 when she contacted me.

Also neat but probably meangingless: With all of this going on I thought I would check the date of the original post in this chain. Was it posted on the 22nd? Nope. Turns out it was the 18th. I decide to do a search on Catch 22. Wikipedia tells me:

"A magazine excerpt from the novel was originally published as 'Catch-18,' but Heller changed the title after another World War II novel, Leon Uris's Mila 18, was published."

Preceding posts in this chain: