Wednesday, June 01, 2005

2 Much

Recap of the 2/22 synchronicities that began a couple weeks ago:
- Ms. Marplot asks me to babysit for Jacob Two-Two's 2 children
- Mom tells me of her Catch 22 sync which occured within a couple hours of the babysitting request
- At the hernia hospital I am given Room 228, Bed #2
- Last week, Ms. Marplot reads the blog post about these events and informs me that she is currently reading Catch 22 (she did not know about Mom's Catch 22 sync before reading the post)

Latest addition: I posted a link to the blog on The Daily Grail (TGD) yesterday. I've posted there a few times and I've got a bunch of hits from it but no emails or comments, until today. I get an email from Kat who got the link from TDG, saying she went to the blog and followed a link to eat-sleep, and some other stuff. I notice the spelling of her name and I recall that there is a contributor to TGD that goes by the alias Katch22. I ask her if she is this same person, and she tells me that she is. She had not read the posts about Catch 22 when she contacted me.

Also neat but probably meangingless: With all of this going on I thought I would check the date of the original post in this chain. Was it posted on the 22nd? Nope. Turns out it was the 18th. I decide to do a search on Catch 22. Wikipedia tells me:

"A magazine excerpt from the novel was originally published as 'Catch-18,' but Heller changed the title after another World War II novel, Leon Uris's Mila 18, was published."

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