Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Agency

Hang on to that open mind thing.

I will henceforth refer to him as Bro, as that is how he spells it most of the time. In August 2004, Bro started something called A.R.C. - Afterlife Research Centre, or as Bro calls it, "the agency". ARC is an extension of his psychic reading operation. His workplace is a loft space; one half is used for readings, the other half is the ARC space. He met Anita not long after he started ARC, when he gave her a reading. They became fast friends and Anita is Bro's associate in ARC. She has abilities of her own.

From what I understand so far, the agency's main purpose is to develop our bridge with the afterlife. In this extent it is open-ended. While Bro has a direct internal connection to spirit voices, they also work on developing connections to voices using physical devices. For example, they are planning to build their own version of an already developed device known as Spiricom. The greater purpose of this is to benefit life on Earth. This is my understanding so far, I'll learn more as I go.

Bro and Anita were told that others would be brought to their agency through coincidences. The three of us agree that I was brought to them in this way. We will see what my role in this is, if indeed I have a role. As for me, I'm up for it, start it up. I haven't met with them yet in person yet, but we hope to do so in the next week or two.

This morning while standing in the shower I thought about Bro and Anita and their acitivities. I wondered what my role might be in the whole thing. Precisely while thinking these things, I looked directly up for no apparent reason. On my shower fan was a logo which was a house, and inside the house it said BROAN.

BROAN - Bro, Anita, I thought.


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