Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Chimi's getting a lot of coincidences, mainly involving personal networking. She is really coming though as a connection point for people. Of course she is much more than that but she does perform that role a lot. Also, I was on the phone with her today and she mentioned her husband's cousin. The same instant she said "cousin", this same husband's cousin popped up on her MSN saying hi. These MSNchronicities are very very accurate. They happen right when you say the person's name. And as I wrote in yesterday's post, Enzo and Ms. Marplot messaged me both at the same instant, about cats. Keep your eye out.

Also, I've been doing some EVP recordings and I might have results and I might not. I wonder, with my musical ear and my work with audio samples, if I could hear anything in white noise.


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