Monday, June 06, 2005


The internet and instant messaging in particular play a big part in a lot of the synchronicities I record in this blog. A friend once said that IMing is the closest thing to telepathy. Direct transmission of thoughts across space. Your list of contacts is your telepathic network. If you read through some previous posts you'll see that the more complex synchronicities have involved me and my field reporters using instant messaging to cross-reference and discover connections. Except Mom who sticks to email.

Even beyond the cross-referencing aspect, I have had a couple moments of what seemed like real telepathy or coincidence occuring. I was IMing with Andrew who asked me if knew a particular programming language called ActionScript. I know a bit. I thought of Ari who Andrew and I used to work with and is an expert in ActionScript. I said to Andrew "I know a bit, but I'm no Ari." Precisely as I typed "Ari", a new window popped up saying "How's it going?" It was Ari. I hadn't talked to him in maybe half a year.

Another time was after I had rented The Incredibles on DVD. I noticed that Frozone looked like a guy I used to work with called Charles. The next day I messaged Enzo and made that observation, as he still works with Charles. Enzo thought that his friend Mike and I were playing tricks on him, because he had just messaged the same observation about ten seconds before to Mike.

Let's coin a term for it...MSNchronicity. Keep your eye out for it!


Blogger shanghai said...

msnchronicity has happened to me too. many times. it used to happen between me and my bastard ex, and with friends, although i can't think of any concrete examples.

i hadn't seen ari in over a year as well, and then i saw him at the bay, and then in front the office one day, all within a week.

and yes, he sure DOES look like frozone. good one!

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