Friday, June 10, 2005

Onward: The Point of the 2's

Things seem to have turned a corner.

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you will recall that I have been getting a lot of coincidences involving the number 22. While the other coincidences have been one-off's, this one has been persistent. To review these, you can go back to the May archives and read anthying with 2 or Two in the title and then continue into June. You'll note that I was perplexed as to the purpose of it, speculating at one point that it might mean I that the doctors would find a second hernia during my operation. They didn't.

A couple weeks ago, Chimi told me over lunch about Brough the psychic (pronounced Bro). She knew about him because Nerve the CBC show did a special on Brough, and Natasha has been doing work on the Nerve show for a while. Brough has also done a special on MuchMusic which has been aired several times and gets a lot of viewers each time. Chimi said that she had taken someone to see Brough and his reading contained several accurate details that convinced her he was the real thing. She told me she would be seeing him for a reading herself.

This is where we turn the corner and you need to keep an open mind.

Chimi went to see Brough on Monday. Shortly into the reading, Brough said that Chimi's grandfather, who died years ago, was trying to communicate the number 22 to her, right then and there. Chimi told Brough that her friend JT had been experiencing coincidences involving the number 22 for a while now. Brough had not previously read my blog or met me.

Brough and his associate Anita have been getting synchronicities involving 22 and 222 since January.

Brough is psychic. He communicates with the other side. Although I haven't had a reading from him myself, I believe this is true. I believe we all have psychic powers, but we need to make the effort to develop them in order to use them. I think Brough didn't have that choice.

Brough communicates with the other side in different ways. He gets messages directly into his mind. He has sessions where voices materialize in the air. He has had images spontaneously appear on camera film.

Brough was expecting me.


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