Sunday, July 03, 2005

The 50's Guys

A few years ago I got an unusual message on my cell phone's voice mail. I don't remember if the phone rang, or if the message was left while the phone was off. It sounded like a conversation between two men, and the voices were a bit unclear and disjointed. I've always commented on how people in old movies speak differently, the inflection of their speech. These men sounded like they were out of a movie perhaps from the 50's. They mentioned my first and last name, and said something like:

"Who is this guy? Trying to understand human suffering."

I played it to a co-worker who heard the same words I did, and also found the message very strange.

The whole sound of it was as if it was a transmission, perhaps on shortwave radio from far away. And, they knew my name. And I guess the strangest part was that their observation of me was right. I do try to understand human suffering. It's a fundamental question I grapple with always. How do we deal with it? Does it make us stronger? Do we need it? Can it be taken away for good? Should it be?

My inner voice told me that this was not a normal phone message. While I had started to read up on the paranormal on the internet by that point, I had never heard of this type of occurence before, so I had no frame of reference for it. I considered the highly unusual possibility that it could somehow be a message sent from a place other than this plane. I told myself to record it onto tape. It remained archived until the time limit was up, at which point it was automatically deleted. I never recorded it.

Who were these men? Would I hear from them again?


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