Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The EVP Men's Chorus

Recordings have been continuing successfully, to my joy and amazement.

The next characters to turn up I have dubbed the Men's Chorus. It sounds like a group of men singing in the lower registers, mostly in a sort of traditional operatic style, and sometimes getting a little bit funky. Sometimes there are also higher voices in the choir that sound like women. Actually the very first sound I heard was a choir holding a major chord for a few seconds. It's so faint however I won't bother posting it now. I will give you some clips from a session I did where the men's chorus came through quite clearly, in relative terms.

As always, you might need to loop the clips in order to hear them, and headphones are best.

This one is the most clear. Bro and I think they are saying the word "agent". It may be "agent, you agent". Interesting because Bro refers to members of his agency as Agents. Listen.

Getting a bit funky.



Blogger JT said...

Hey Kat
Yes, I am constantly hearing sounds in the fuzz that sound like voices that are certianly just ambient noise. And the "weird" clip I agree could be noise, although I do think it's vocal. How about the "agent" clip though, the first one? Or the voice clip from the previous post?

9:29 AM  

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