Thursday, July 14, 2005


Last night I tried a recording using my new shortwave radio. I tuned it to static and placed it near the mic. Experienced ITC researchers use shortwave from what I gather. The radio has a speical shortwave antenna that clips onto the regular FM antenna. It's a cord that when unravelled is 7 metres long. I had it going all around my kitchen. During the recording I asked some questions about whether I should use the antenna. On playback, a short vocal sound appeared during a pause in my question. This sound is significant because of where it appeared, and because it is much louder and clearer than the other sounds which have to be "excavated" from the white noise. This sound is as loud as my own voice. I monitored the recording with my headphones at a loud volume, and I didn't hear this during recording, only playback. It's very unlikely that I would have missed a sound that prominent during recording. It seems that they like the antenna. This is a big step forward.

Antenna question with sound
Closeup of sound with more filtering - female "uh huh" twice in the background

Update: The sound occurs between "can you ummm..." and "get your signal in easier". It's deep and a bit frog-like.


Blogger shanghai said...

very interesting jay tee. i did hear what sounds like "yip". it is froglike, and is definitely a blip. in the first file you have there can hear you can sort of detect it.

6:13 PM  

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