Saturday, July 09, 2005

Voices from Away

Bro and I have been experimenting with EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena. Anyone seen the (probably awful) movie White Noise? EVP is getting spirit voices on tape. Learn more about it.

Bro tried for the first time a couple weeks ago with amazing results. He is currently getting the proper equipment so he can transfer the recording from his cassette to his computer. Then we will digitally filter and enhance the recording so the voices are more audible. They are buried in a lot of hiss.

Ignited by Bro's success, I decided to try it. I wasn't surprised that Bro had such good results, since he's already psychic, so this seemed like what he already does, except there was a physical artifact left afterwards. I didn't feel as confident that I would get results. I tried it using my laptop which has a good condenser mic built into it.

It was around 9pm and I opened my audio editor and pressed record. I sat there for a few minutes. I played it back and cranked up the volume. Background hiss gets loud when you crank it up. I listened for a while.

Since I make digital music with samples I am accustomed to listening to the smallest subtleties of sound. I take non-musical sound samples and fashion them into musical pieces. This means I am well suited for EVP since my hearing is fine-tuned; it also means that I could hear something and think it's something it's not.

A couple minutes into playback, I got a shiver. From deep within the hiss I heard something that sounded to me like a choir. I played it back several times, then filtered out some hiss and raised the volume. Still very faint, it sounded like a choir holding a single major chord, with deep bass notes and higher notes.

A minute or so after that, I heard an indistinct female voice. Again, buried under layers of hiss.

I sent both audio clips to Bro. He also seems to be able to hear through the hiss. It's a kind of mental noise reduction. He could hear the choir but did not seem totally convinced it was the real thing. I'm not convinced myself.

He heard the female voice as well, and while no words could be made out, he felt that it was a human voice.

These first few clips are very difficult to hear so I won't bother posting them. Since then, however, I have kept trying and I've got some results that are more obvious. For example, I believe that I've heard from the 50's guys that left me a voice mail message a few years ago (previous post). Here is the clip. Headphones and high volume required. Disable any equalization presets on your mp3 player. Play it over several times. Do you hear the voices? Let me know.


Blogger shanghai said...

i TOTALLY hear the voices. so bizarre. and kind of spooky. did you receive that 50s message when you were an infinaut?

12:56 AM  
Blogger JT said...

Yep I was at work at Infinet above the Amsterdamn when I heard the message, and Jeff Shaw was the one I played it to. The clip really does sound like the same guys that left the phone message. Stay tuned for more clips.

10:28 AM  
Blogger shanghai said...

Crazy! Do you think I could generate a tape with strange noises too?

4:40 PM  
Blogger JT said...

I think it's worth a try. Just do it somewhere quiet so you know that the sounds didn't come in from your environment. I just use the built in mic on the ol' iBook.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Bro said...

Infact many advanced ITC researchers recieve clear phone calls, and can converse with the dead loud and clear.

This is because of a developed psychic contact field. In english: Our consciousness is the creating force behind our daily reality. If you're focussing your consciousness on the spirit world, or anything that holds eternal truth to it, you will begin to form a "contact field", much like the field of dreams *if you build it, they will come*.

Their world becomes more real to you. And as they think of us, and love us, Earth becomes more real to them.

You got the phone call around 2003?
That's when my first love hit, and I had began getting strange things on my equiptment. I also had a photograph of a spirit around 2001/2002.


12:30 PM  
Blogger RisingEnergy said...

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