Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bro in the Contact Field

Very happy to announce that Bro has joined in with the EVP recordings. He did some recording with his computer on Monday and got voices right away. He did it once a few months ago and got results so it wasn't a huge surprise. What was quite astonishing however, is that I did some recording the same night, and had Bro's name come up in the recording. What I heard was a guy that sounded like Ted Danson saying "Bro? Oh ya? Alright Bro! Wow." This was on my recording. It was a pretty clear voice although not as loud as some. Bro got a recording that says "Congratulations - Timestream". It is a very quick voice and I find it a bit difficult to make out but it does seems to be saying that. Bro is better at hearing the fast voices because he often hears spirits talking that way. Not a skill we all have on our resume! It was a big night. I will post the clips when I get a sec. We expect that doing the recordings as a team will improve the contact field, as it is called.


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